Abhishek BehlHi, my name is Abhishek Behl (also known to many as Abhs) and have been consulting for many years with small / medium businesses, charity organisations, universities and government boards on various aspects of travel advisory, travel auditing, wilderness project management / research,   digital & social media strategies / development, grant funding  & sustainable initiatives.

If you are a small / medium business (SMEs), government boards / ministries, a local community initiative or a not for profit charity organisation (NGOs) – I would say,  you have come to the right place –

I am an Edinburgh based freelance consultant (please see my services) and will be happy to go through all of your needs, understanding your audience, your objectives and your goals. I would enhance your platform with insights on project development, social media, strategy, your campaign content, its branding, its  promotion and finally its execution.

I would provide you with a first class service and offer you with:

  • Considered / honest feedback on your existing platform
  • Deadlines met 
  • Friendly attitude
  • Solid, practical, understanding of services that I provide
  • Realistic rates and transparent pricing

You will certainly feel the sense of responsibility and commitment with my engagement.   So, I leave this with you –

Do let me know how I could be of any assistance?

Why not Ring A Behl on: +44 (0) 7772017988 | mail: abkbehl (@) googlemail.com  

or book an hour free consultation with me over a cup of coffee / tea:



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Abhishek Behl

Founder | MD & Contributor at Wild Navigator
Founder & Managing Director at Wild Navigator Ltd (An Edinburgh based bespoke Indian subcontinent travel company). Interested in inspiring people with updates from the field of Wildlife Conservation, Communities, Travel, Eco-Sustainability & Social Media. Look forward to my two new projects coming up wildlifetraveller.org & Traveling with MS - Lets connect !!!

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