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Announcement: New role at Pugdundee Safaris

pugdundee logo


It is with great pleasure that I announce the news of my new position as Overseas Consultant at Pugdundee Safaris starting May 2015.

My position with Pugdundee Safaris is part-time with frequent travels to various travel operators selling the Indian subcontinent in UK & Europe. As a Business to Business (B2B) platform, my role will give me great opportunity in promotions, marketing and finally developing new strategies / products in wildlife travel with other wilderness travel companies using our wildlife lodges in 6 tiger reserves (India and Nepal).

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15 Natural Wonder Accounts on Instagram to Follow


Instagram defines itself as a social media platform where we capture, share this world’s moments – Instagram is fast, beautiful and a fun way to share your life with friends and family. What if an account that you followed was a person who was interested in the wilderness, wildlife, nature and the outdoors? Surely it will be inspiring to follow the best feeds which nature can ever offer.

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Bird of the Day #BOTD – The Small Indian Pratincole

The Small Indian Praticole  - Pic Credits Sumant Rajguru

This is the start of a new series on my blog. It is called the Bird of the Day #BOTD and one picture of a bird from around the world will be posted here on and shared with my network on twitter, google + and facebook accounts.

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Palace Umer Hayat, Chiniot – Pakistan


Palace Umer Hayat, Chiniot, Pakistan. by Amir Mukhtar Mughal | on Flickr.

Umer Hayat Palace is an architectural wonder of Chiniot, Jhang, Pakistan. It is believed Umer Hayat, a successful trader, had the magnificent palace constructed for his newborn son. It took 10 years and 200,000 Rupees for the palace to be constructed, although Umer Hayat died a few months before completion.

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Incredible India – Open up


Say hello to this land – the land which unites 7 sisters (7 states of India’s north east) to give pristine landscapes, lush tea gardens, amazing wilderness and a rich cultural ethnicity. It surely makes you open up to a new world – open your doors where you see endless soul-escapes / where the distant between us fades – welcome to the North East of India – Come with nothing they say – just a desire, truly madly and deeply it opens you. Lets open up to this new world.

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Visiting the World Travel Market in London


Exactly 5 days more to go and Its that time again when I will be heading to this years World Travel Market held at Excel (London). The stage is all set and many travel businesses from across the globe visit the world’s biggest travel fair each year in the month of November.

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“Black Tiger” takes a selfie at Odhisa’s Similipal

Black Tiger - Copyright Similipal Tiger Reserve

A rare “Black Tiger” – Yes you heard me right – Black Tiger’s do exist and are known as melanistic tigers with a rare colour variant of the tiger and it is not a distinct species or the animals geographic subspecies. The black tigers have larger width in their black stripes and less orange in the gaps which makes the species look very black – thus the name.

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Welcome to Paradise: The Island of Tobago

Welcome to Paradise

The Island of Tobago: A photo summary of what I call “Paradise”. 

The island of Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that makes up the republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Also called the sister isle of Trinidad, Tobago enjoys a warm tropical climate with average day time temperatue reaching to 29 Degrees Celsius (83 F).  Located in the southern Caribbean, northeast of the island of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada. The land area is 300 km sq. (40km long and 10km wide) – sounds nice to the ears but many roads are bendy with steep narrow turns and can take time to drive through.

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