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I am Abhishek Behl – Founder & Managing Director at Wild Navigator Ltd, an Edinburgh based Indian subcontinent travel specialist. Our travel operations take our guests to the countries of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the beautiful island of Maldives. We specialise bespoke travel journeys from culture, wildlife, off the beaten track, bird watching and gourmet tours(to name a few) .

Since 1999, I have been actively researching in India’s national parks. I was a consultant for UK charity Global Tiger Patrol and headed the Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) India Wildlife Association as their Executive Director for over five years. Working with wilderness tour suppliers, international tour operators, India’s travel operators and wilderness lodges, I initiated conservation tourism strategies for sustainable development.

Researching around Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve for my MSc thesis (2004) – Project sponsored by WCS – India Small Grant Scheme / CWS and University of Kent / Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology (DICE)

In 2008, I was invited by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland to inaugurate the Amur Tiger enclosure at the Highland Wildlife Park (Aviemore, Scotland). In 2009, The Telegraph highlighted my work and named me as one of India’s ‘Green Warriors.’

I have been part of many research teams worldwide and assisted various universities in the United Kingdom / United States and international organisations with their protected area management research.

I have helped in establishing and launching India’s first wilderness certification programme (PUG – Practices under Guidelines Wilderness Tourism Certification Program) for wildlife lodges adjoining Indian national parks / tiger reserves.

Inaugurated the Amur Tiger Enclosure at the Highland Wildlife Park (Aviemore, Scotland) and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland on 31st October 2008.

This achievement, along with my continued involvement in wildlife tourism and conservation has been recognized worldwide and in 2007 earned me with a Sanctuary-ABN AMRO Wildlife Award for my work at Travel Operators for Tigers – India Wildlife Programme.

Receiving the prestigious 2007 Sanctuary – ABN AMRO Wildlife Award from Mr. Hamendra Kothari (Non Executive Chairman of DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Ltd) in Mumbai India


Currently, I sit on numerous committees for India’s tourism and conservation policies and am actively involved with tourism and scientific communities worldwide to improve standards for the future of wildlife tourism and conservation.

I am also a qualified Travelife Tourism Certification Auditor, under ABTA – The Travel Foundation and the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO), assuring the environmental and community commitment of accommodations in the Travelife group.

I qualified with an MSc in Wildlife Conservation & Tourism from the Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology (DICE – University of Kent, Canterbury) in 2004; I also provide on-going eco-consulting and wildlife promotions to various wilderness business in the wilderness travel industry and not for profit charity organisations.

Since 2001, I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis (A neurological degenerative autoimmune disease)  and was diagnosed the Relapse-Remit form of the disease. All my achievements till now have come living with the disease and the illness does not stop me achieving more.

I have plans to start my new project (Traveling with MS) as a travel blogging site. A disease should not stop your travels and Traveling with MS will showcase my personal ups and downs when i travel to destinations around the world.

I am currently based out of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), with frequent travels world-wide.


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Abhishek Behl

Founder | MD & Contributor at Wild Navigator
Founder & Managing Director at Wild Navigator Ltd (An Edinburgh based bespoke Indian subcontinent travel company). Interested in inspiring people with updates from the field of Wildlife Conservation, Communities, Travel, Eco-Sustainability & Social Media. Look forward to my two new projects coming up wildlifetraveller.org & Traveling with MS - Lets connect !!!

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